Track second-hand and lease car prices

Ever wanted to check how car values are depreciating over time, to see whether it's the right time to buy?

Thinking of getting a lease but not sure whether the prices are good right now?

Now you can!

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Search Historical Car Prices

We have a growing database of over 5 million car prices, across over 55,000 cars. We track prices of cars across the following websites:

You can search these historical prices here:

Track car prices from now

You can also track prices going forwards from today.

How does it work?

  1. Go to AutoTrader, PistonHeads or Cars2Buy set your search criteria, and view the results.
  2. Copy the page URL from the search results page and submit it to us.
  3. Once a day, we visit the page you submitted and record the prices of the cars that match the search results.
  4. If the best price has changed, we'll send you an email.
  5. Over time we build up a price graph showing you how that car is depreciating over time.

What does it look like

Here is a good example of how you can view the depreciation of a Tesla Model S.

Get email alerts when prices change

You can also register on the site and "follow" any searches you are interested in. If we spot that the lowest price has changed from the previous day, we'll email you an alert right away.

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