Who the hell are you?

I really want to buy a Golf GTE, but was worried that they were still depreciating quite heavily. Looking around the web, I couldn't see a way of tracking the price of a used car over time.

I'd bookmarked the search page on AutoTrader, and regularly went back to it to see if they were any cheaper. Low and behold, the cars were depreciating, but it was a drag having to go back to the site each time. I was too lazy to put the prices and dates in a spreadsheet.

Writing this little app seemed like way less work (it wasn't, but whatever). I thought it might be useful to other people, so I bought a domain and here we are.

If you have any suggestions, comments or you hate it and want me to know, hit me up on Twitter.

What next?

If people find it useful, I have a number of features in my head. I might even implement them at some point:

  • Use PistonHeads classifieds as a source alongside AutoTrader.
  • User registration so you can follow different searches and get alerted when prices drop.
  • Get email alerts if the price of a search drops.
  • Get alerts when an individual car changes price.
  • Handle searches for cars that are appreciating (I *really* want a Delta Integrale, but don't we all?)

Got any other ideas? Let me know on Twitter.